Year: 2021
Category: Candy making
Illustrations: Melt

This business began when its owner started baking desserts and everyone was amazed by the homemade recipes, intense flavors and lots of filling! This combination required both a name and a visual identity that could effectively express the delightful feelings of consuming Gupie’s products.

What we did in this project
Naming and Visual Identity

Our journey began with the name: we came up with a made-up, easy to pronounce name. GUPIE is a non-existing word, but very similar to the portuguese word “yupi!” (“yippee”),  recalling moments of joy and happiness. Gupie, in Brazilian portuguese, is Gula (Gluttony) + Yupi (yippee). It’s a short, 5-letter name which manages to express itself as an invented onomatopoeia. It efficiently communicates the mouthwatering flavor of the sweets. Gupie satisfies cravings and is a little treat to make your day more sweet. It's instant joy; it’s a burst of happiness.

Also, we all know that unpublished words have a greater chance of a successful trademark registration and domain name and social media user availability. In addition to the practical part, the name also performed well in the analysis of degree of memorization, spelling, sound, flexibility and originality.

The visual identity brought boldness to the brand's personality with its vivid colors and remarkable illustrations.