Year: 2021
Category: Candy
Illustrations: Melt

Rebecca started baking desserts, making everyone delighted and asking for more. The result was: homemade recipes, intense flavors and huge amounts of filling! This combination needed a visual identity that could reflect the thrill of consuming her products, which she calls “little pieces of happiness".

She had a clear vision of what she expected for her brand: something unusual, surprising, bold and full of life.

What did we do?
Naming and visual identity.

A short and easy to pronounce was the first step: GUPIE is a non-existing word, but recalls moments of joy (Yippee!).

New words stand a better chance of being registered and make the process of finding internet domain and social media profiles easier. The name GUPIE also performed really well in the analysis of memorization, spelling, sound, flexibility and originality.

The visual identity brought boldness to the brand's personality with vivid colors and dynamic illustrations.