Year: 2022
Category: Beverages

Especially designed for beer lovers who enjoy different types of beer, the new DUSZA ESTILOS (DUSZA STYLES) line of beers had to stand out on the shelves, as it faces strong competition in its market segment. Particular emphasis should be made on each beer style, presenting the information in a clear way and increasing the product's attractiveness. We've created bottle labels for five different beer styles, with a unique design that distinguishes DUSZA from its competitors. With a young vibe and focusing on each style’s name, the letterings bring a contemporary tone to the bottles and the print finishes invite the consumer to touch them.

What we did in this project
Packaging design.

We've noticed that the majority of the products displayed on the same shelf have a traditional positioning and use a more neutral color palette. From this on, we’ve opted for a more modern and youthful aesthetic, using vibrant colors, and showcasing each beer style with prominently displayed lettering in the label. Every single color used contributes to the creation of a unique identity for each product and also helps identifying and understanding each type of beer at the point of sale.

We've chosen a font to be used as a starting point, then we've customized some of the letters and have designed shapes which, when filled with different tones, create the illusion of an embossed graphic. Each label had its own illustrations, displayed in the background and portraying the singularities of each beer style, such as ingredients and geographic origin.

In addition to all the layout details, we have also made good use of the available print finishes, such as screen printing, foil stamping and matte varnish. These techniques have helped positioning the entire set of products as a premium line and also have evidenced how much the business values the quality of what is being offered to the customer.

In Brazil, a wide range of new beer labels have been created in the past few years, bringing to the market different styles and showing the consumer brand new options. As a consequence, part of these public doesn’t want to consume traditional beers anymore, they want to discover new flavors. In this cultural context, Dusza needed attractive labels to stand out among all existing brands, showing the beer style in each one.

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