Year: 2021
Category: Skin Care
Photos: Melt

The line of hand soaps from Acervo Panelinha, a brand by chef Rita Lobo, has an innovative concept: the soaps were designed and created especially for the hands of those who cook. With four different combinations of fragrances inspired by food-scented aromas (spices, herbs, and fruits), the soaps neutralize the odors that remain in the hands after handling food and clean without damaging the skin.

What we did in this project
Packaging design

In order to design labels with a clean and organized aesthetic, a main layout template was created and it was then replicated in all the products - with a structured information hierarchy and following the brand identity.

In addition to informing the consumers about the product and complying with the current legislation, the label also embellishes the product and adds lightness and a stylish touch to the place where the product is placed, such as kitchens and gourmet spaces.