Year: 2020
Category: Cosmetics by order
Illustrations and animations: Melt

Box Magenta had been on the market for a while when it realized that it was time to rethink the company's strategy and visual identity.

What did we do?
Brand strategy, visual identity and packaging (boxes)

Before thinking of any visual elements, we took a few steps back and defined the company's promise, brand personality, attributes, culture and values, purpose, DNA and brand manifesto.

At this step, we have also defined the new positioning statement: “Monthly box of beauty products, with a selection of items according to the profile of each subscriber: women who want to have a pleasant experience, to be surprised and know what’s out in the market ”. For the visual elements, we've brought to life the women's universe, the beauty products and the box itself (responsible for bringing exciting experience to these women's homes – every month). The illustrations with fluid lines and strong colors were essential to create a fun, youthful and inspiring visual identity..