Year: 2018
Category: Food

Atilatte is a dairy production company located in the interior region of Sao Paulo, managed by a family that has always lived off of what they produced in their land. In 1970, with the management of dairy cows, they found a way to follow their mission: to deliver the best milk possible to their consumers. Years later, milk was transformed into products such as yogurts, curds and heavy cream.

In 2018, the brand felt the need to renew its positioning and packaging.

What we did in this project
Branding and packaging design.

All yogurts are produced at the farm with the highest quality standards and transparency in the process. To highlight these characteristics, we suggested using transparent packaging. The hand-drawn illustrations with “vintage” style were intended to show the same care used in the production, in addition to emphasizing the dairy tradition.

Strong colors were used to highlight the packaging at the point of sale. Stripes were added to the skimmed products’ package, not only to differentiate them from whole milk, but also to add life to the plastic bottles.

Working together with the suppliers, we developed a new mold to meet the project’s needs. The combination of the shrink sleeve with the square bottles is an innovation in the category and created a differential advantage for the brand at the point of sale.