Year: 2023
Category: Beverages

Plezi, a child nutrition brand, which has Michelle Obama as co-founder and strategic partner, brought us the challenge of creating their visual identity and labels for 4 kids' juices. Its formulas bring the following benefits over competitors, the juices do not have added sugars, are less sweet in flavor and provide fiber, antioxidants and electrolytes.
In addition to being a healthier choice and having an incredible taste, Plezi labels needed to be extremely attractive to children between 6 and 12 years old (target public) and also to their parents (purchase decision makers).

What we did in this project
Visual identity and packaging design

Illustrations of the ingredients presented in the formulas, in addition to leaves, birds and insects brought the tropical forest atmosphere. The colors, more intense and saturated, draw attention at the point of sale and bring life to the bottles. To create contrast with the strong colors, the brand and the illustrations gained irregular lines, bringing a handmade feeling and the perception of naturality that the product deserves.

Even with a small bottle and limited space, it was important to include an interactive activity on the layout, in order to create a connection with the brand. The solution found was to insert a game in the label illustration, inviting the consumer to find a certain number of insects such as ladybugs, ants and butterflies and they can check the solution using a QR Code.

The result is vibrant. Plezi can be found at many retail stores across the US, such as Target and Walmart. We are very proud to be able to participate in a project that aims to offer healthier drink options and that somehow innovates and instigates change in the entire US food industry.

identidade loja produtos naturais