Year: 2023
Category: Food
Photo Matheus Campos

Maria Antonieta is a French-style mix of bistro, boulangerie, pâtisserie and chocolaterie. All of their beautiful creations are very rich in details, with amazing taste that are really eye catching. For their Easter seasonal products, the packaging project had to be more than special, boxes for mini chocolate eggs, boxes for full size chocolate eggs, and a paper bag that brings to life the essence of the business.

What we did in this project
Packaging design.

We had one thing in mind when we started to develop the packaging project for Maria Antonieta Easter products, the result had to be as unique as their amazing treats in every detail. Three months later and our whole team got involved on it, now, we can show how it turned out to be. Instead of keeping it simple, we bet on a maximalism vibe, using different patterns and colors that don't really match at first glance, but when they are together, it brings a lot of personality to the project.

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