Year: 2022
Category: Food

The Oba Milanese Panettone is a co-branding collaboration with Bauducco. Developed with an exclusive recipe, this product celebrates the end of the year, appealing to discerning palates with its premium proposition. The sophistication of the Italian-inspired recipe is mirrored in the packaging, featuring graphics that revisit the floor tiles of the Duomo in Milan.

What we did in this project
Packaging design.

To enhance its festive appeal, we incorporated special finishes like embossing and hot stamping into the packaging design, elevating the product's status and making it even more appealing as a gift during the holiday season.

Meticulous care was given to every aspect of the box during layout creation, ensuring the shelf display captures attention while effectively conveying the distinctive characteristics and history of the product. Additionally, a staged photo is included, highlighting the uniqueness of this product compared to traditional panettones.

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