Year: 2023
Category: Food

Maria Antonieta is a fusion of a French bistro, bakery, pastry shop, and chocolaterie. Every creation from the brand is intricately detailed and, consequently, charming. This holiday season, we were invited to craft the packaging for panettones and pralinés, blending the two countries that embody the essence of the brand: France and Brazil.

What we did in this project
Packaging design.

For this Christmas, Maria Antonieta challenged us to illustrate the combining of France and Brazil. In this context, we questioned ourselves: "What would the arrival of the French court in Brazilian lands be like?"—an extravagant scenario, rich in details, came to our minds.

The illustration, far from the usual Christmas elements and colors, was crafted specifically to elevate the packaging design and infuse life into this fantasy added value to the products itself and the brand.

identidade loja produtos naturais