Year: 2021
Category: Food
Illustrations: Melt

Plant based products are an excellent alternative to animal based diets. They stand out for their flavor, texture and richness. Produced with pea protein, the Oba Veggie Burgers are healthy and fresh.

What did we do?
Packaging design.

The function of the packaging demystifies plant based burgers, presenting the consumer with the main ingredients of each product. The animal shaped “handmade” look of the illustrations show all the ingredients in the veggie burger, highlighting its nutrients, as well as suggesting flavors similar to meat and chicken.

The cheerful color palette calls the consumer’s attention to the product at the point of sale, and differentiates each of the alternative flavors. Shades of green were kept in order to highlight the main feature - made from plants - and to create an identity system for the product line.

Also, the front window allows the product to be visible and helps consumers make their decision with greater confidence.