Year: 2021
Category: Food

Inspired by Italian cuisine, Oba Flatbread Crackers always come in handy and can be consumed at any time. The packaging had to be appetizing and casual.

What did we do?
Packaging design.

There were two main difficulties in the project: the first challenge was the two color limit for printing each package. To build the identity system, black was kept on all packaging line, and the second color was used as a highlight, connecting to the product’s main ingredient. Another obstacle was the dieline, which already existed and did not allow us to make changes in the packaging structure. In order to create an inviting packaging that would stand out at the point of sale, illustrations such asItalian buildings, rooftops, Vespas and bicycles were used. A narrative was created using Italian architectural style, which effectively speaks to the product.

The idea was to create scenes inviting the consumer to travel through Italian flavors and scenes, reversing obstacles into positive and decisive points for the final result.

In addition, surprise elements hidden in the illustrations boosted the fun factor for the consumer when opening the packaging, which can even be used as play material for the whole family.