Year: 2021
Category: Natural products store
Illustrations: Melt

Feel Life is a natural products store. They believe that those who wish to follow a healthy lifestyle don’t have to give up consuming practical, delicious foods. With a modern setting, far from the common “natural” aesthetics of its competitors, the store offers a shopping experience full of life. We've included the company's youthfulness in the visual identity and used colors and shapes as much as we could in order to go against the mainstream green aesthetics of this market niche.

What we did in this project
Visual identity

The redesign of the brand was inspired by the store's assortment of products, which is composed of a wide range of options plus the new ones that are constantly being added up. From there, we created trendy, dynamic illustrations to be used in countless different graphic materials.

A customized lettering has been created, which allowed a perfect visual balance and gave the brand its personality. Illustrations, graphics and branding, paired with a vibrant color palette, brought to life a strong and energetic identity.

The main focus of the visual identity was to highlight that the products offered by the store go far beyond the “natural and green” concept. For instance, many people need to consume gluten-free or lactose-free products, among others, due to allergic restrictions. The store’s assortment meets these different needs and focuses mainly on offering practical choices.  So, the identity as a whole follows this same premise.

Nowadays, many consumer profiles feel attracted by the store and its aesthetics. Also, the trendy graphics make the brand stand out from its competitors while simultaneously connecting with those who are looking for news and trends in the “health food” market segment.

identidade loja produtos naturais
identidade loja produtos naturais