Year: 2020
Category: Children’s clothing and accessories
Illustrations: Melt

For babies and children up to 10 years old, Galigoo is a multi-brand children's clothing and accessories line with fun, cheerful, and stylish garments. A brand that believes in fashion as a way to radiate childhood energy. It also believes in innocence, in dreams, in transparency, in the comfort required for playing and in children who are free to be whoever they want to.

Dreaming of having a multi-brand children's clothing online, Elisabete came to us to help her find the best positioning, name and to bring an identity to what she so much desired.

What we did in this project
Brand strategy, naming, visual identity and additional solutions.

To find the brand's DNA, “creativity and comfort to wear”, we went through all the stages of the brand platform, defining positioning, promises and delivery, personality, functional and emotional attributes, culture, values, ​and purpose.

Once the strategy was defined, a name that could be legally registered was needed. It also had to be capable of expressing the delights of being a child. Galigoo is fun, loud and it’s a 100% made-up name.

To represent the freedom and spontaneity of childhood, animals from the Brazilian fauna that live freely in nature were chosen. In addition to the animals, the visual identity has tropical elements, which along with the cheerful and vibrant color palette, gave life to the Galigoo universe.

All visual graphics were made with a texture that reminds of a child's drawing. We also added some clippings from books and magazines in the communication, with words relevant to the brand, which adds to the idea of ​​children’s collages.