Year: 2021
Category: Food

Panettone tin can packaging, in most Brazilian homes, is not discarded after consumption: they’re used as organizers and as decorative items at the same time. This second-life span was a key point for the development of the three collectible tin cans.

What we did in this project
Packaging design.

After the difficult times we’ve experienced in 2020 and 2021, we wished to develop a light and cheerful packaging – which would also celebrate the end of the year. This is the reason why we haven't used any of the traditional holidays graphic elements, as it would be expected for the holiday season.

We have taken the opportunity to bring beautifully designed cans and a positive energy to the point of sale and to the consumers' homes.
The goal was not to celebrate what we went through, as we do every year, but to inspire the possibility of brighter and happier days. We've designed exclusive illustrations of Brazilian birds, plants, and flowers that brought a pleasant aesthetic to the packaging.

Three words were chosen, along with the client, to convey specific sensations: LIGHTNESS, INSPIRATION and HAPPINESS. We've developed exclusive handmade letterings, digitally finished, for each of the words. The typography, inspired by the flora, pairs with the illustrations and takes advantage of the golden color of the tin can to stand out.

The products were for sale by the end of 2021 and became a milestone for this moment in people's homes. Now they are used to decorate and inspire, transmit messages and store objects. The packaging also provides a feeling of change and hope for better days, transforming something that would go to waste into a collectible item.