Year: 2022
Category: Empresa de Capacetes

Bieffe Helmets, a brand with Italian roots and Brazilian manufacturing, reached the peak of its popularity in the 90s. However, over time, its relevance diminished among the new generations, resulting in low brand recognition. The 50th anniversary was the opportune moment to revert this trend and establish a new brand positioning.

What we did in this project
Brand strategy, verbal and visual identity

To celebrate its 50-year milestone, Bieffe invited us to review its brand strategy and subsequently make adjustments to several touchpoints. During the investigative phase, we identified the need to reverse some perceptions, as the brand had "aged" over time and gradually lost relevance with younger audiences, acquiring an antiquated image and a branding positioning below the actual quality of the products.
Our challenge was to reposition the brand for both consumers and the industry. We understood that Bieffe should embrace its legacy to become a benchmark in helmet production in Brazil, highlighting its journey and establishing itself as experienced and trustworthy.
Guided by extensive research and engagement, our strategy aimed to turn negatives into positives. With a new archetype and persona set, Bieffe adopted a brand identity that was connected, specialized, timeless, and classic, enabling it to position itself as a premium offering in its category.
We refined the brand by examining each glyph with a technical lens, updating its tagline, defining a new color palette, typography for the identity system, and photographic style. Additionally, we developed supporting graphics to enhance communication and broaden application possibilities.
According to our client's feedback, the change in approach and visuals resulted in a significant increase in brand recognition. Within just one year of project implementation, the new strategy enabled Bieffe to compete more effectively in the industry , strengthen strategic partnerships, and achieve a sales increase of approximately 10% in volume and 12% in revenue. Starplast, the company owning the brand, anticipates further growth in the brand's market share in the future.

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