Year: 2018 | Currently
Category: Food
Photos: Estúdio Cumaru

Mana Poke owners, Gui and Lipe, needed a visual identity for their restaurant inspired by the Hawaiian lifestyle, whose target audience was young people with healthy habits. They wanted the whole experience to be easy, light and joyful.

What we did in this project
Visual identity, signage design, printed and digital design solutions.

A brand with simple shapes, bright colors and very informal verbal language: this mix brought Mana Poke to life. The communication pieces have a pleasant and beach-like atmosphere, aiming to take the consumers into a pleasant, healthy moment. The tagline “poke é nossa praia” (an expression in brazilian portuguese that could be roughly translated as “poke is our thing”), brings together the main product and the brand’s mood in the same sentence.

Mana Poke is now in full business expansion, growing its number of stores every month and making us very proud! We've been involved in this growth journey since crafting its visual identity, all the way through to designing seasonal and charitable campaigns.