Year: 2024
Category: Food

Frau is a brand that makes delicious stroopwafels – waffles with an authentic Dutch recipe. Recently, this product has entered the Brazilian market, and the founders promptly recognized its potential for introducing this treat to a new audience.

What we did in this project
Visual identity and signage

Picture a crowded shopping mall corridor, where numerous brands compete for customer attention, trying to stand out. Frau's kiosks will be found right in the middle of this "battlefield," and therefore, our mission was to develop a brand that would attract customers - not only because of the irresistible aroma of the product that fills the air, but also because of visually appealing design that sparks curiosity and reflects how delicious their caramel-filled dessert are.

We've created a brand which tells a story behind the Dutch recipe with the help of the detailed illustrations and the typographic set which lends a European charm to the compositions. Frau's visual appeal is further enhanced by its vibrant and youthful color palette, creating a striking contrast with its vintage-inspired design elements.

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