Year: 2020
Category: Candy making
Animations and 3D: Melt
Photos: Estúdio Cumaru

Caramel candies that melt in the mouth and have the power to bring an intense moment of happiness while bringing us back to childhood. We’ve immersed ourselves into this nostalgic and playful atmosphere to start this sweet project.

What we did in this project
Visual identity and packaging design.

The most distinct flavors we’ve tasted inspired us to create this brand: with a smooth lettering, just like caramel texture, and a combination of vibrant and delicate colors with irregular graphic elements, just like Caramellu’s handmade production. Different guidelines for logo application were designed to make the communication richer and full of details. The care taken in the production of the sweets was translated into every package, making them more attractive at the point of sale.