Year: 2017
Category: Wine
Illustrations: Melt

Medical doctor Pedro and his wife Tássia are passionate about the world of wines, specialized in the wine area and invested in viticulture in the south of Brazil. Audace was born with the aim of producing unique blends, full of history, full of innovation and boldness.

What did we do?
Brand strategy, naming, visual identity, labels and additional solutions.

The first challenge was to enter a market that values tradition, with a brand whose DNA is modernity and sophistication. The Audace naming is a direct reference to the owners' audacity in taking a risk in a new area of business, added to the fact that they face the market in such an innovative way.

The visual identity alludes to two elements of the wine universe: the mountains of Morro do Ceu in Bento Gonçalves, where the winery is located, and also the movement that the wine makes when the glass is turned to taste it. The colors and typography used exude modernity, reaffirming the brand's DNA.

The numerous labels tell stories: each of them has a special narrative, which is illustrated with characters, scenarios, colors and even a name full of meanings.