Year: 2018
Category: Skin Care
Photos: Melt, Almanati and Revista Claudia

“Bringing health to the consumer and to the world”, it was this purpose that motivated the creation of the Brazilian cosmetics brand Almanati. After several years of study and development of formulas, all the brand's products are 100% natural, with a high concentration of actives and the majority of Brazilian, organic and biodynamic raw materials are used in the manufacturing.

The brand promises to promote encounters: with nature, with a new form of business, with conscience, with our own interior, with our soul and knowledge. Encounters that transform. A brand full of purpose, which makes our work make even more sense.

What did we do?
Project branding, visual identity, institutional applications and packaging design.

We delved deeply into the brand's universe, through a branding project, to suggest communication strategies, brand language and create visual elements that would help to communicate all the richness of Almanati.

The bottle, the leaf, the root, the essence, the drop: all these elements are represented in the same icon that brought the brand to life.

The biggest packaging concern had always been with the materials chosen: green polyethylene (plastic made from sugarcane), which carries the I’m Green seal, or paper from good forest management, with the FSC seal. In addition to the material choices, items such as secondary packaging were eliminated and replaced by tags containing relevant information for each product, in order to generate the least possible impact on the environment.

The design was a supporting role and helped to decorate and inform about the products, conveying the desired sensations for each line of the brand.

The packaging development process was a task that took a lot of involvement and exchange between our team and our customers, which made any process infinitely richer and more interesting.