Year: 2021
Category: Food
Illustrations: Melt

Our history with Aldeola goes way back. A few years ago we built the strategy behind the brand and recently we redid the visual language. The coffee shop was in a new moment and needed the identity to communicate all the internal changes it was going through.

What we did in this project
Brand strategy, visual identity and additional solutions.

The starting point for the new communication was a text written by Joyce, the mother of the “Aldeola family”. She had written it for her children on the day their coffee received its Gourmet classification award. Everything that was in her text and her memories was now part of the illustrations of their products: the coffee, the plantation, the farm mountain region, Joyce's “hands on” and Lana “smelling the flowers". For the colors, we bet on low saturation and different tones that, mixed together, created a different and untraditional visual identity for the coffee shop industry. In the future, the idea is to explore these elements in Aldeola coffee packaging, harvested by them.